Nick waiting for Hallie (Annie)

Nick Parker, the father of Hallie Parker lives in Napa, CA.

The Parkers
The Parkers are Hallie and Nick, they both were joined by Annie and Elizabeth in the end of the movie.
A nice ending

Hallie, Annie, Nick and Elizabeth Parker.

Here is a gallery showing this family.


  1. Nick Parker
  2. Elizabeth "James" Parker
  3. Chessy
  4. Martin


  1. Hallie
  2. Annie


Nick works on a wine farm and makes wine glasses in Napa, California. While Elizabeth works in a wedding studio in London and designs gowns and organizes wedding events.

What about Hallie and Annie???

Hallie and Annie are a bit young to do work; but in the movie we see them work with their parents. Annie works in the wedding studio with Elizabeth and Hallie does wine-farming with Nick. But mostly they're too young to work full-time.

Hallie trying the wine

Hallie "Annie" trying the wine.

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