Dennis Quaid is the male character who played the father of Hallie Parker. In the film he lived in Napa, California with Hallie and Chessi; and of course Sammy the dog. Nick met and married Elizabeth James on the Queen Elizabeth II cruise ship and he got re-married on the same cruise ship in 1998.


In 1986 he was married to Elizabeth James on the Queen Elizabeth II, later on in the film he was focused to marry Marideth Blake, a tight, fisty, flirty woman who has a problem with the outdoors. The girls didn't want Nick to marry Marideth so they played tricks/pranks on her.

One night Liz and Nicky went out for a cruisine diner on a boat that was beautifuly organised from the girls.

In the end of the movie in 1998, Elizabeth and Nick get re-married on the Queen Elizabeth II ship with the whole family; once again during the credits you can see them dancing, kissing, hugging each other. (This goes to Elizabeth as well).

The Parkers

Liz and Nick's wedding in 1998, following Hallie and Annie (bottom left and right). Charlie (Charles), Martin and Chessi.


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